Birth Preparation Crash Course in ENGLISH

Being pregnant is a time of great expectation and change for couples, especially when it is their first child.

Giving birth can be anticipated joyfully or with anxieties and fears – in most cases a mixture of both. A new generation of fathers is growing. Most of them want to be much more involved in the pregnancy of their partners – right from the beginning compared to the generations before. They also want to support their partners during labour and take more time off from work (holiday/parental leave) so that they can spend quality time with their newborns and young families. Both parents desire to grow equally into their new parental roles.

This Birth-Preparation Crash Course is offered to facilitate an easy start to parenthood. It provides you with quality time as couples and your babies to be, to get attuned to one another and to help you feel ready and prepared for the journey ahead.

This course may also be attended by mothers who are accompanied with another close person (e.g. friend, mother etc.), who would like to support you during labour and be at your side in those first weeks after the baby is born. Rainbow families (same-sex couples) are also more than warmly welcome to attend!

In this course you will learn:

• How to enjoy pregnancy and become attuned to your child

• What you need to know about the physiological aspects of birthing

• How you can facilitate labour as a woman

• How you can support the mother-to-be

• What you need to know about breast-feeding – so that your baby will be fed with the best nature can offer – to ensure that breastfeeding commences smoothly

• How you can enjoy the post-natal time mindfully and relaxed

• Important aspects of handling and caring for your baby

• Massage,relaxation and breathing techniques

This is a concise 2-day course covering 14 hours (7 hours/day)

Next Course: 21-22 March 2020

The timing of this course is ideal for partners and mothers-to-be in their 30th-36th
week of pregnancy, with a due date beyond 18 April 2020.

I look forward to welcoming you to the course!


Good to know:
1. Pregnant women: please don´t wear dresses as your partner will be massaging
your lower back with oil
2. For all: since we will be sitting on mats, please dress in comfortable clothes.
Bring warm socks and a comfy blanket to lay over the mats

Drinks and vegetarian snacks will be offered during the course. A one-hour lunch
break is scheduled for both days, in which you may either eat out at the nearby
bakery or bring your own cold lunch to eat in-house.

Course Fees:
For expecting mothers: if you are insured by the German Public Health Insurance
(“gesetzliche Krankenversicherung”) this course will be financially covered for you.
You only need to bring your health insurance card to the course on the first day.
Missed classes will not be covered by the health insurance companies and will
therefore be billed privately.
Expecting mothers who are privately insured (“private Krankenversicherung”) will be invoiced the complete course fee, which is approximately double the rates governedby the “Hebammengebührenordnung”. The course fee may be claimed back as a reimbursement from the respective private health insurance company. For detailed information on the reimbursement regulations, please contact your health insurance company prior to course registration.
For partners or participants accompanying the mother-to-be during the course, a fee of 180 EUR is applicable for the whole duration of the course. Course bookings
completed by 15 January 2020 are eligible for an early-bird discount of 25% (45
EUR). Some public health insurance companies may cover the course fee for
partners. Please consult with your health insurance company if this applies to you.
You will receive a receipt over the paid fees which you may hand in for
reimbursement with your respective health insurance company.
The course fee covers the cost of course materials, hand-outs, snacks & drinks.
To reserve a place on this course or should you have any further questions prior to
registration, please use the booking enquiry system below.
After you submit your reservation request, you will receive an email (please check
your Spam folder) outlining how to confirm your course participation. You will have
ten days to send back the course contract and transfer the partner fee to complete
your course reservation.

The contract may be submitted either via post or email to:
Hebamme Katrin Behrens-Shah, In der Walch 13, 91338 Igensdorf
or via mail (scanned PDF).

Please note: your course participation may only be confirmed once completed
contracts have been received and the partner fee has been paid.

21. März – 22. März 2020      BUCHEN

Kursleiterin: Katrin Behrensshah